Please find below selected reference cases to be elaborated by Ditte Kirstein Brammer upon request.

Ditte Kirstein Brammer offers strategy expertise both to companies and to individuals. For companies, it can be either as a strategy consultant or as a board professional depending on the needs of the client. To individuals, Ditte Kirstein Brammer often acts as an executive mentor in shorter periods to kick start an individual growth process or in longer periods to help accommodate the achievement of results by continuous sparring and guidance. The below constitutes examples of client engagements.

Electronic Manufacturer (Strategy Consulting)

Strategy development for medium-sized machine manufacturer. The international owners requested a strong growth case as an alternative to moving production and management to China. The process involved development of a strong 3-year growth case doubling sales, significantly increasing earnings through ambitious product development and a focused go-to-market model, and resulted in the decision to maintain the business in Denmark and increase investments in development, sales and marketing to realise the strong growth case.

Consulting Engineering Company (Strategy Consulting, Mentoring and Board Member)

Board member, strategy and business development for medium-sized consulting engineering company. The role involved helping management develop a 3-year strategy that overcomes the challenges that the industry faces and drive growth to ensure critical mass and the required talent, competencies and network. The process has also involved the development and operations of a sales management system to ensure focus on creating and maintaining a sufficient customer base. Further, a performance management system has been developed and implemented to ensure focus on qualitative and quantitative KPIs in accordance with company values. On a regular basis, the role includes mentoring at partner level and for special talents on individual brand development and business development.

Brammer & Co references - business success

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  

(Leonardo da Vinci)

Ministry (Executive Mentoring)

Mentoring of Top Executive requiring guidance on strategy and positioning both on organisational and individual level. The assignment involved analysis of situation, assessment of alternatives as well as development and execution of concrete actions. The process included a number of sessions with the executive where key assumptions were challenged, discussed and repackaged in order to raise the ambition level, strengthen positioning and ultimately achieve the desired results.

Insurance and Pension Broker (Chairman of the Board)

Chairman of start-up insurance and pension broker. As Chairman the focus was on establishing the company and ensuring strategic direction. The process involved ensuring profitable and sustainable growth through a clear value proposition, a focused go-to-market model and an effective organisation.

Fashion Company (Chairman of the Board)

Chairman of fashion company founded in 2011. The role involved all facets of the processes of a newly founded company including defining value proposition, market segmentation, production, IT/logistics, sales, marketing, etc. The company achieved distribution on numerous European and international markets through own sales force, agents and distributors and is represented at a number of fashions fairs and exhibitions across Europe.

Management Consulting and Recruiting (Board Member)

Board member of management consulting company focusing on HR and recruiting. As board member, the main focus was on strategy and business development. The work included helping to ensure a focused strategy that centred on strengthening the organisation and the core competencies to ensure sustainable growth.